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Bugs are crafty things and can sometimes be hard to spot. If you see a bug, please submit the details via the form below and we will work hard to swat it!  

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Please let us know:

1. Your name

2. Account name (your login email)

3. Page you are on (name or URL)

4. Screenshot or recording of bug

You can screen record using QuickTime on Mac or ShareX for Windows.

5. Description

For example:

I was on [X] Campaign. I was on the Sending and Report page of that campaign. I saw that Statistic Overview Report did not match the numbers listed on the page that lists the campaigns.


I was on Person Pop-up for [Name]. When I tried to edit the mobile number it would not allow me to. I could type in the new number but the tick button was inactive and would not allow me to click on it. 

6. Operating system and internet browser