Tripling Our Turnover: 

The Five-Step Strategy That Transformed Our Sales Process

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At Popcorn we have 2 goals, excellent customer service and growth, and last year we were able to triple our monthly revenue. Tripling our revenue wasn’t luck. It was a calculated transformation of our sales process. We looked at the business from every angle. This article will detail the five pivotal steps we took to grow our revenue.

1. Knowledge Sharing Newsletters: Staying Front and Centre

Our first step was to create and disseminate regular knowledge-sharing newsletters. We targeted all or specific groups of our contacts. This ensured we were consistently in their thoughts. This approach wasn’t about being seen. It was about us establishing ourselves as a trusted and reliable source of information. This set the stage for engagement when they were ready.

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2. Streamlining Sales with a Visual Pipeline

Next, we mirrored our sales process within Popcorn and created a visual pipeline. This step transformed our approach to tracking prospects. It also allowed us to see when hot prospects emerged from our data.

2. Streamlining Sales with a Visual Pipeline

Popcorn CRM has an intuitive design that allows you to score your prospects based on their activities, such as email opens and web page visits. You can even score activity based on the prospect going to a specific page on the website. All of these contributed to an efficient prospecting strategy.

3. Nurturing Hot Prospects: Personalised Engagement

Our third step was the segmentation of our existing data. This enabled us to send targeted emails to different segments of our prospect data.

For example, think of an email about attracting customers for your construction business being sent to building and construction companies in our database.

Or, an email about finding more clients for your financial services business sent to Independant Financial Advisors companies in our database.

Nurturing Hot Prospects: Personalised Engagement

This approach wasn’t just about being seen. It allowed us to send crafted messages to our prospects using language that they could relate to. This personal touch not only enhanced engagement but also helped in further qualifying these potential clients.

4. Insightful Tracking: Understanding Engagement

The beauty of popcorn CRM lies in its ability to track and score engagement. It uses a clean, user-friendly timeline. This insight was crucial in understanding what our prospects were interested in. It also helped us understand how they interacted with our content. Such data drove our prospecting efforts, enabling us to refine our strategies continually.

5. The Final Leap: Engaging Conversations

Finally, the stage was set for direct engagement. We understood each prospect’s interests and needs. Our phone conversations were no longer cold calls. Instead, they became warm, informed discussions. This step is where we truly saw the power of popcorn CRM. It turns data into meaningful interactions which leads to conversions.


Streamlining our sales process was a game-changer for us. Popcorn’s. powerful tracking and nurturing capabilities proved invaluable. and by following the five steps, we made our sales process more efficient. It also helped us create a more personal, tailored and effective message to send out to our prospect data. The result? A tripling of our turnover, setting a new benchmark for our business’s success.

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