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Finding a CRM for small business

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In just 6 quick questions, you’ll:

 – Know which type of CRM suits you, and your business

 – Get a personalised guide on how you can use your current CRM to convert more sales, faster

 – Plus, you’ll get a personalised explainer video guide

Want a SIMPLE to use & 100% FREE CRM, that's designed for Small Businesses

I believe that finding the right CRM can really unlock a business’ potential – and help them see their sales take off!

Simon Washbrook, founder of popcorn

What our customers say

popcorn has increased event sales and saved me from having to work on Saturdays!
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Mollie Ravenhall

Customer Service & Enquiries, Trophies2U

See how popcorn makes CRM simple for small business

Typically, CRMs can be divided into three categories in the market: the specialist, the evolving, and the advanced.

The specialised software on a narrow tool or set of tools, working alongside other software via integration to deliver a full CRM experience. They’re very good at what they do, provided it’s all you need them to do.

The evolving software can be simple CRMs, or specialist software, which has started to expand in its ambitions – and its features too. They had what a small business needs, but in the journey ever forwards, they’ve started adding on extras.

The advanced software is designed primarily for large business: corporations, and enterprises. They have an eye-watering amount of tools. If they offer a more basic version, they’ll want to sell more difficult packages to you that might price some out.

popcorn sits between the first two, offering attuned tools without the complex software. We stick to our promise: that popcorn will always stay true to being a CRM for small business.

Join over 7,000 small businesses to get monthly tips on nurturing your prospects

A typical user can:

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Be up and running in just 15 minutes

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Return on Investment

£185 for every £1 spent

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Increased Engagement

33% increase in email marketing management

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Sales Conversion

Increase sales conversion rates by 200%

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Save 1 day of sales time every week

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Achieve structure and focus, and enjoy managing all your leads in one place