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Navigating the Customer Buying Cycle – A Guide to Quicker Conversions with Popcorn CRM

Have you ever wondered why some prospects turn into customers while others just drift away? Understanding the customer buying cycle is the key to unlocking this mystery.

It’s like having a GPS for your sales strategy, guiding you on where to go and what to do at each turn. And guess what? Popcorn CRM is your perfect co-pilot on this journey. Let’s explore how!

Awareness: Spotting the Hunger
The first step is awareness. Your prospects have a need but aren’t sure how to fulfil it. It’s like realizing you’re hungry but not knowing what to eat. With Popcorn CRM, you can shine a light on your products or services, making them visible to those in search of answers. The way that we establish our prospect’s hunger is by utilising the visual hot leads chart. We can hone in with accuracy on the prospects who have engaged with our website.

2. Consideration: Exploring the Menu

As prospects start considering their options, it’s crucial to position your solution as the tastiest pick. Popcorn CRM helps you personalise your marketing allowing you to highlight to prospects why your solution is the perfect fit for their needs. It also has an engagement scoring system that indicates which one of your solutions on your website has gained the most focus from a website visitor. This allows you to adjust your outreach approach and style in explaining why that solution is right for them.

3. Decision: Making the Order

This is where decisions are made. Your prospects are ready to buy, and it’s your time to shine. Popcorn CRM’s targeted email campaigns ensure that your product is top of mind. They nudge prospects to choose you. We make it easy for a prospect to sign up with Popcorn. We also have clear calls to action throughout the website.


4. Purchase: Enjoying the Meal

The purchase stage is where you seal the deal. Popcorn CRM streamlines this process. It ensures a smooth transaction for both you and your customers. All new customers are offered a free `Onboarding session that helps them get started as quickly as possible. With Popcorn you can automate your onboarding activities which means you can get tasks done efficiently without a human element.

5. Retention: Savoring the Flavor

After the purchase, the focus shifts to retention. Keep your customers happy and coming back for more. Popcorn CRM’s follow-up features and customer service tools help you maintain strong relationships. They turn one-time buyers into loyal fans. The email marketing platform within Popcorn allows you to run focused campaigns to specific segments of your data. This enables you to run separate email campaigns for customers by business sector, activity or any other segmenting data that you wish to use.

6. Advocacy: Sharing the Feast

Finally, happy customers become your brand champions. With Popcorn CRM, you can encourage and track customer referrals. This transforms satisfied buyers into a powerful marketing force. At Popcorn, we have a focused customer service cycle. This means we stay in constant contact with our customers using phone and email.  We also have a referral scheme which rewards our customers for introducing us to others.


Mastering the customer buying cycle is crucial for converting leads into sales. With Popcorn CRM by your side, navigating this cycle becomes easier and more effective. Ready to accelerate your sales and transform your prospects into loyal customers? Give Popcorn CRM a try and watch your business pop!

Don’t let potential sales slip through the cracks! 

Click here to learn more about Popcorn CRM and start nurturing your prospects into customers faster than ever.


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