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Email Campaigns Versus Single Emails – What’s the Difference?

The popcorn dashboard is designed to make creating a singular email simple and fast forward. You’ll also see the difference between making a single email and a campaign.

How to Create a Single Email

Starting Your Single Email

In your popcorn dashboard, clicking on New > Email will bring up the email drag and drop editor for you to customise your email. You’ll have everything you need to do on one page.

Adding Details to Your Email

The sending information is above the drag and drop editor, in a collection of contact forms, including your name, your email account, the email title and your reference for this particular email. The email account that you provide will be the email account popcorn sends the email from, so please make sure this is correct.

Editing Your Email

You can write your email and preview it at the same time within the drag and drop editor. As you type, you can control all of the usual formats such as font size, alignment, styling and links.

The sidebar that encompasses the ‘blocks’ of content you want to add, and settings for each element, you’ll be able to customise your email as you like. Elements such as text, images, dividers, buttons and html are available for you to add into your email—this is great for adding your branding.

Adding Contacts

Once you’ve finished writing your email, you can scroll further down the page to add a list of contacts for which this email is intended. As with all contacts in your database, you can access these individually, or find them via tags.

Preparing Your Email

You have multiple options for when you’ve finished prepping your email. You can save it, so popcorn keeps it safe but doesn’t send it.

Alternatively, you can save it as a template, so your layout is preserved for the future and you’ll simply need to tweak the content. You can send it as it is; or, you can schedule the email for a specific time.

Finally, you can check the SPAM rating: popcorn will use key metrics to see how your email will fare against spam checkers, and give you a score based on this. If your email is at risk of being flagged as spam, popcorn will give you a few pointers as to how to reduce this possibility.

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Test Emails

You can also send a test email to a specific email if you want to see how your email works with all of the elements working. These won’t go to your contacts. We would recommend doing this as you can spot any errors you’ve made before sending out the real deal.

Statistics for Your Single Email

You can also send a test email to a specific email if you want to see how your email works with all of the elements working. These won’t go to your contacts. We would recommend doing this as you can spot any errors you’ve made before sending out the real deal.

  • Bounces
  • Clicks
  • Deliveries
  • Opens
  • Site Visits
  • Unsubscribes

These won’t appear until you’ve sent an email, but everything being on the same page means you can refer to your statistics if you want to tweak your next email for next time.

What’s the Difference Between a Single Email and a Campaign?

The Simplicity of Email Campaigns

Campaigns give you the chance to track and send out multiple emails to a designated contact list. With a single email, you’d need to choose the contact list over and over again, and the statistics you get would be for that email only. In contrast, a campaign can provide a much broader view and streamline the email creation process.

New Contacts

Creating a campaign in popcorn involves, first and foremost, compiling a list of contacts. Once again, you can use filters for these, or you can type in specific names. Once you’ve selected your contacts, all emails in the campaign from then on will go to these contacts. (Unless popcorn receives a hard bounce, in which case the email address isn’t contactable and won’t be contacted again.) You can change this at any point after making your contact list, so nothing needs committing to.

Editing Your Email Campaign

Creating a new email brings you to the same drag and drop editor, where the same contact detail boxes and sideboard exist. Making sure you have a title and a reference will make finding and sorting your emails in your campaign easier in the future.

Once again, you can save your emails for a later date, send test emails, check the SPAM ratings, and save them as a template. You can also schedule your emails to send at a certain time.

Your Email Campaign Overview

The main difference between sending a singular email and a campaign email is that popcorn provides an overview dashboard from which you can access your emails, your scheduling, your prospecting, and your statistics.

In order to schedule your email, click onto the Scheduling button. Here, you have a list of your emails saved into your campaign. Pressing the Send button will allow you to choose whether to send an email now or at a specified time.

Statistics for Your Email Campaign

Your statistics aren’t on the same page as your drag and drop email editor; instead, you have an overview for your campaign. However, you can zoom in, and see your statistics for each individual email. These are measured by the same metrics as any singular email.

Campaigns also provide prospect scoring, so you can see where your contacts are currently at in your database. This can help you make decisions about the content, schedule and contact list for your upcoming emails.

Automating Your Email Campaign

Campaigns in particular work best when automation is implemented. Checking each contact’s prospecting and metrics will take time out of your day, so set up automatic rules to interact with your campaign. If you’re getting soft bounces from a particular contact, then you can set a rule to take them off your contact list. You could automatically add a tag if one particular contact is interacting with certain content in your emails. When a contact becomes a ‘hot’ prospect, they can automatically be moved up your sales pipeline. Streamlining your email campaigns will make it easier for them to be a success.

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Email Campaigns Versus Single Emails – What’s the Difference?
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