The features small businesses really need

No bells, no whistles – just the essential features a small business needs to manage and convert leads, and send sales rocketing!

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5 Features Our Customers Love ...

No Bells, No Whistles, Just the Essential Features a Small Business Needs...

Simple to use CRM

The Contact Popup can be accessed from anywhere in the platform,  by simply clicking on any name in a report or by searching for a name, company, email, phone number, pseudonym etc…  at the top of any page. The popup has everything about a specific contact in one simple place, from notes and website tracking through to tagging and GDPR preferences. 

Activity Tracking & Timeline

A highly visual and filterable Timeline is at the heart of the Contact Popup and allows you to see everything about an individual contact in one simple and easy to view place. This includes, notes, reminders, email marketing opens and clicks, social media enquiries, sales, website page visits and more. Much of which is scored and tells you what ech contact is interested in. 

Built in Email Marketing

popcorn CRM has highly visual and simple email marketing tools built in, to help you target segmented groups with communications, so that you can nurture your prospects along their sales journey. 

Features include: drag + drop editor, spam filter checking, personalisation, Ai and templates.

Drag & Drop Pipelines

Create and manage multiple sales pipelines that can be completely customised to mirror your company’s processes, so you can have an instant overview of where every single one of your prospects or customers are in your specific process

Easy To Use Automations

Easily set rules for managing and nurturing your contacts along the sales process, these can be based on multiple events that include being added to campaigns and pipelines, right through to when they visit specific pages on your website. 

Lead Generation

popcorn CRM automatically tracks and scores your prospects activity across email marketing Opens & Clicks and then follows them so you can see every single page they are looking at, for up to 3 months after opening an email. This scoring is customisable to help you generate more qualified leads. 

These insights can give you powerful knowledge and will help you identify contacts who are ready to buy and why. 

Advanced Segmentation Tools

Wherever you see a list of contacts in popcorn CRM, you can always click the ‘Filter’ button to start drilling down into your data and applying ‘Actions’ to them. This means that at any time you can target segmented lists of contacts with email marketing, campaigns, apply new tags or export them. In short, it means you stop thinking of your data as anonymous lists and start seeing opportunities you can nurture. 

On top of this, you can easily save and turn any of these filters into a custom report with just one click. 


Website Tracking

Unlike other email marketing tools and software like HubSpot and Lead Forensics, our unique finger printing technology, means that we have 100% confidence in the tracking of a specific individual, once you have emailed them. 

Clear & Visual Reminders

Manage all of your and your teams reminders on one page or via individual campaign lists. This simple and visual way of managing your reminders means you never miss an opportunity for lead nurturing again.

Campaign Management

A campaign is just like a MailChimp list but it allows you to nurture a segmented list of all or some of your contacts, whilst giving you the control to see exactly who your real prospects are, where they are in your sales journey and when they are ready to buy.

These tools include… Email Marketing, Sales Pipelines, Automation, Landing Pages and Forms.

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Branded Landing Pages

With a responsive in-system editor, popcorn imitates your brand and preserves existing links to give you fully personalised landing pages.

Custom Forms

Build custom forms that can be dropped onto your website or popcorn’s landing page tool, to create/update and manage your contacts. 

What our customers say about our features

We can tell you how good popcorn is, but why not hear it from our small business customers themselves?

...I love the fact that I can track the customer journey from opening an email, right through to what they are doing on the website. So I know exactly what's working and who is interested.

Joe Trodden

MD, Mindset Experts