Customer Buying Cycle: Leads

Explore the second stage of the customer buying cycle

Generating Leads

Recreate your sales process in visual sales pipelines.

That way you can always see exactly how many people are in each stage of your process.  You could also look to add a pipeline for each month of the year. Then, along with the reminder, you can drag a contact into the month they need following up in.

This makes it much easier to give sales a push when you need to.

popcorn’s CRM has smart tracking tools built in! You can create completely unique finger prints (more than an IP address) for each contact. After they open your email, you can track them to your website for up to three months later.

customer buying cycle leads

What is a business thinking?


Businesses need to know who is engaging with their company’s output, where they’re engaging, and how much.

A business can:

  • Set up sales pipelines to organise contacts into select groups
  • Add tags in their CRM to assign information about the customer’s place in the buying cycle
  • Monitor engagement across email, website and social

This is the first step in separating the wheat from the chaff.

What is a customer thinking?

customer buying cycle customers

Customers are starting to be more selective about the companies they are considering.

A customer is:

  • Starting to engage by following Calls-To-Action
  • Answering sales calls
  • Reading through specific pages on websites
  • Noting the company down as a possibility

They still aren’t ready to buy. However, your company has made the longlist. Some will drop off at this point, which can be adjusted for in your sales pipeline.

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