Customer Buying Cycle: Customers

Explore the last stage of the customer buying cycle

Turning a Prospect into a Customer

Congratulations! You’ve taken advantage of your knowledge of the customer buying cycle. Now you’ve nurtured a contact from being an anonymous name in your database, right through to being a loyal customer

So can you forget about them now?

Not at all!

It is 60% cheaper to retain a customer than it is to win a new one, so build yourself a Customer Management Cycle (like your sales pipelines) and map that into popcorn. You can not only retain them as a customer, but turn them into an advocate and get them referring new business to you.

Ensure that your customers are always kept up to date with what’s going on in your business, and more importantly, ensure that you tell them what they care about. Give them the opportunity to upgrade and move around your products/services, ask them for for referrals – and get in touch with them regularly, especially before their renewal date.

All of this can be mapped and managed using popcorn’s CRM, sales pipelines, email marketing and reminders.

customer buying cycle customers

What is a business thinking?


Businesses will want to utilise a returning customer’s power of persuasion. 

A business can:

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Ask for reviews, customer testimonials and recommendations
  • Set up reminders for renewed subscriptions/calls to buy again
  • Put returning customers into a separate sales pipeline

Existing customers can be hugely beneficial to a company’s reputation – as long as you keep them happy!

What is a customer thinking?

customer buying cycle customers

Customers want to feel cared for after their initial purchase, and will be looking out for reasons to stay and reasons to leave.

A customer is:

  • Engaging with customer service
  • Reviewing product/service
  • Talking about product/service away from your company
  • Interacting with customer retention techniques

Giving customers the opportunity to be part of a community will help them to feel included. Though it won’t take much for a customer to leave if dissatisfied, fostering a sense of community reduces this risk.

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