Customer Buying Cycle: Target

Explore the fourth stage of the customer buying cycle

Turning Contacts into Prospects

This is where popcorn brings all this intelligence from your CRM, email marketing and website tracking together. Now you can identify the golden nuggets that are customers who are in the research and buying cycles.

popcorn identifies them as hot, warm or cool prospects, based upon their engagement levels, allowing you to segment your contacts. If you want to target contacts based on specific categories, it will only take seconds!

Now you can choose what to do with them. You can pick up the phone and speak to the hot prospects, add them to a sales pipeline, export the list to give to an external telesales company, send a targeted email or tag them to bring them into a bigger campaign.

Remember – when you segment your database you typically see a 60% improvement in contact engagement. Importantly, your customers also prefer it, as they only receive the messages that are relevant to them.

customer buying cycle target

What is a business thinking?


Businesses are narrowing down on the individuals that are most likely to buy from you, bringing them from ‘cool’ prospects to ‘warm’ prospects – and from ‘warm’ prospects to ‘hot’ prospects.

A business can:

  • Make proactive marketing decisions
  • Personalise content to customers
  • Adjust a customer’s place in the sales pipeline if and when appropriate
  • Monitor the quality of prospects

Businesses are ‘warming up’ prospects for the time they need to close a sale, through one-on-conversations and special attention.

What is a customer thinking?

customer buying cycle customers

Customers have identified your business as a likely choice. The race is now on.

A customer is:

  • Requiring specific, time-constricted information
  • Getting to know your employees/sales team
  • On their second, third or fourth call
  • Waiting for enough persuasion

Customers are engaging with your company frequently and are close to arriving at their final decision. Which company will give them that reassurance?

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