Customer Buying Cycle: Close

Explore the fifth stage of the customer buying cycle

Turning a Prospect into a Customer

Now that you have segmented your contacts and picked the hot prospects, it’s time to start nurturing the others through your sales pipeline

There are a couple of ways our users do this. The most popular is to either manually progress them or create work-flow automation based upon their engagement. That means you can progress your contacts to the next stage of your sales process. You can drag and drop the contact along and see all their details in a single click.

Alternatively, you can use the segmented contacts to send targeted mails that will support you, driving more engagement and enquiries.

When you are at this stage of the sales cycle, it is often best to pick up the phone. As they’re the customers you’ve nurtured, typically this will only be a handful of contacts. Base it around the intelligence that popcorn has generated: you should be able to have a meaningful conversation from it.

Our users sometimes find they can either generate too many or not enough hot prospects. This is where you can adjust the scoring, to refine what is flagged as a hot, warm or cool prospect, which will then all be automatically added into your New Prospects sales pipeline.

Sales pipelines are a simple and visual way of managing your sales process. You can easily evolve it with your sales process as you refine it.

customer buying cycle close

What is a business thinking?


Businesses are striking while the iron is hot; this is the last stretch to convince customers to choose them.

A business can:

  • Finish acquisition campaigns for customers
  • Adjust prospect scoring to better suit possible customers
  • Call to close a sale
  • Initiate customer retention campaigns

Businesses need to persuade customers that they are the ones worth the customer’s time. Combining the intelligence you’ve gathered on the individual should make this process easier.

What is a customer thinking?

customer buying cycle customers

Customers are looking for reassurance about their decision to buy from you; a business needs to prove that decision will be worth it.

A customer is:

  • Asking about competition
  • Looking for reassurance
  • Waiting to be convinced on value for money
  • Cycling through competition to eliminate other possibilities

Customers want to feel secure in their decision. As soon as you give them a reason to feel secure, they are likely to accept you as their chosen business. Fail to answer any of their questions and they will fall back on alternatives.

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