Customer Buying Cycle: Nurture

Explore the third stage for the customer buying cycle

Nurturing Your Prospects


Whether it’s social media, telemarketing or direct mail, your marketing should always have several strings to it. But sitting at its core should be email marketing. You’ll want the intelligence email marketing gives you to tie all the marketing strings together.

This is most effective when it’s combined with your CRM database and website traffic. Used with lead scoring, you can now see what your contacts are genuinely interested in. What’s more, popcorn can use these tools to automatically spot buying behaviours and hot prospects for you.

You will know where your contact is being led every step of the way – from a direct mail campaign to their visits onto your website. You can then set automated responses so that you know when and how to follow up. Or, you could use popcorn’s segmenting tool to identify specific contacts and export the list.

customer buying cycle nurture

What is a business thinking?


Businesses can see which prospects are here to stay, and guide them on their journey.

A business can:

  • Select, tag and organise prospects based on individual behaviours
  • Qualify contacts as cool, warm and hot prospects
  • Monitor engagement across email, website and social

Here, businesses are zeroing in on potential customers. You’re more able to get an idea of each prospect as an individual, and can cater your communication accordingly.

What is a customer thinking?

customer buying cycle customers

Customers are more seriously considering your company.

A customer is:

  • Engaging with your output, or searching for it themselves
  • Answering preliminary sales calls
  • Getting a feel of the company culture

They have put your company on their shortlist. They’re closer to a sale, but still need some persuasion. Some will drop off the sales pipeline here, often due to time/budgetary constraints.

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