How popcorn CRM helps your Small business to be more effective.

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Things I am going to cover in this article How popcorn CRM helps your Small business to be more effective:

Ok, before I tell you how wonderful popcorn is and how it is going to help you become more effective, I feel like I should share with you the most common reason that small businesses decide to change the way that they manage their contacts / prospects.

The common reason why CRM may fail in small businesses

The fundamental reason is that they are using the wrong software for what their business needs at that time.

For example, an early stage business will start off using multiple platforms (e.g. MailChimp, Excel, Trello)  to manage their prospecting data, but as they grow, data gets spread out, duplicated and messy – all of which leads to lost business. Then they typically decide to ‘do it properly’, and jump over to advanced CRM’s (like HubSpot, SalesForce, Zoho) that will help the business for the next x years and will allow them to do everything  in one 

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place. These platforms are brilliant, but in reality, they are not designed for small businesses, as they are really quite complicated (you have to keep navigating through multiple screens to find what you want) and end up being very expensive (you end up having to subscribe to an increasing number of different modules) to set up and run, causing the majority of small businesses to give up using them and move back to what they know. Resulting in a never-ending cycle of failure.

The successful businesses that we work with, have usually been through this journey and have implemented 2 to 3 platforms that are brilliant at doing what they actually need, rather than having one all singing all dancing system that can do everything, but end up not using anything. This approach allows them to develop something that fixes the problems that are blocking business growth, and more importantly it allows them to evolve as their business needs, and migrating the data is actually not that hard nowadays with tools like Zapier.  Most growing businesses we meet, their needs change regularly and being able to forecast what is needed in 5 years is almost impossible, so focusing on the now, will allow you to get to the future.

The solution that is typically adopted by these successful business usually involves implementing the following platforms:

  • Marketing / Sales – to join up prospecting data and give you visibility on where all your prospects are in the sales journey
  • Accountancy – to give detailed financial intelligence on the business and customers
  • Operations – (optional) – to manage stock and people movements 

The next challenge is choosing which software to use from the myriad of platforms that do the above. The first question to ask yourself is, what does my business need now?

How popcorn helps your business to be more effective.

The really simple to use and multi award wining popcorn CRM was originally developed 10 years ago, and is specifically design for small businesses. We’ve cut out all the bells and whistles, to give you the essential tools you need to manage, nurture and convert your prospects, faster.

Meaning that you can always see exactly where every single one of your contacts are in your prospecting process, can instantly see who you need to follow-up on and just as importantly, the built-in marketing tools (Email Marketing, Lead generation and Website tracking) automatically tell you why / what you need to follow them up about.

 Our focus on simplicity and not over-loading the platform with features; means that you spend less time in the software, and you can alway find what you need in a couple of clicks. The result of this is an effective system that you and your team love using, and which allows you to spend more time on growing your business

We also looked at why our competitors lost customers, and developed a Promise – more details can be found HERE, but we promise you:

  • NO contacts, NO setup fees and NO hidden fees
  • Up and running in 15 mins
  • Simple and highly visual tools

All of this means that our users stay with us because they want to, not because they have to. It also means that we place a focus on customer service, so every single user gets a 1-2-1 onboarding session and if you ever have any questions, you can simply pick up the phone and ask us.

Book a 1-2-1 demo to see exactly how popcorn CRM can help make your small business to become more effective 

Watch a video on how popcorn helps Small Businesses Become more effective

What our Customers say...

popcorn has increased event sales and saved me from having to work on Saturdays!

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