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How we do our follow-ups – popcorn CRM

The fortune is in the follow-up and if you ask any sales-focused business owners whether follow-ups are important your response would be a resounding yes.


At Popcorn we recognise the importance of following up and we have a system which we have refined and refined to the point that it is now a simple process which any new team member can follow.  This streamlined process of following up has enabled us to 3 x our revenue in 2023. So let me tell you about our follow-up process and how we do it.

How we do our follow-ups – popcorn CRM

Following Up With A New Lead


Whenever a lead comes into the business the team or the system (Automation) creates the contact and adds a tag to it, this helps with segmenting the data and it also means we can track where the lead has come from in the future.

Following Up With A New Lead

Finally, the new prospect is added to the relevant sales pipeline under the relevant column and assigned a follow-up reminder.

The reminder ensures that opportunities are not missed by the team and it also means that we can track which follow-ups have been completed and which ones are outstanding.

Our main follow-up activities are sending emails or an outbound call to the prospect. Because of the way Popcorn works, we can track from our dashboard the engagement of these new prospects and pick out the hot leads who are engaging with our emails and our website.

If any of the new prospects appear in the hot leads list we follow up immediately as this is an indication to us of their interest in what we offer..


 Following Up With A Demo Prospect

When a prospect has completed a demo of the software, we do a follow-up within 48 hours and the main objectives are feedback and also to test intention.  These follow-up calls have proved invaluable to us as the information we have received from these calls has allowed us to expand our FAQ section of the website and also make some improvements to Popcorn which makes it an even more effective CRM for small businesses.

Unfortunately, not all prospects can attend the demo session so we will follow up with these prospects to rebook their missed session, this allows us to test intention and reconfirm their interest in Popcorn.


Following Up With Customers

Our customers are our lifeblood so yes we do follow up calls with them too. The reason behind this is threefold.

Regular contact with our customers allows us to uncover any issues they may be having as a  user, if this is the case we can quickly arrange a training session to bring them up to speed with the platform.  

We also offer several done-for-you packages like Email Template set-up, Onboarding and sales process training. Regular contact with our customers means we can keep them informed of the multiple ways that we can help them with converting more conversations into sales and growing their revenue. 

Finally, we have a referral program regular contact with our customers allows us to talk about our incentives and how they can benefit from them just by recommending us to others.

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Qualifying leads is not just about gathering data; it’s about interpreting and acting on it wisely. By following these steps, we have ensured that our sales team focuses their efforts on the leads with the highest conversion potential, ultimately driving up our sales efficiency and success.

Remember, every lead is a potential opportunity, but not every opportunity is right for your business. Qualifying leads effectively helps you focus on those that are truly golden. 

– Share your experiences or strategies in the comments below.

– If you’re looking to enhance your lead qualification process, consider our tips and see the difference it can make in your sales strategy.

Fortune Is In The Follow Up

If you factor in our regular nurture emails, our outbound calls and our help messenger on the website you quickly realise that we understand the importance of staying in touch with everyone within our ecosystem and it is paying off.

Learn More About Popcorn CRM

If you would like help implementing a sales and follow up process in your business then go here to discover how popcorn CRM can transform your sales process, visit [popcorncrm.co.uk]

(http://popcorncrm.co.uk). With no contracts, setup, or hidden fees, it’s the perfect tool for small businesses looking to scale their sales efforts effectively.

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