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Simon Washbrook

How We  Qualify Sales Leads Effectively: A Step-by-Step Guide

Qualifying sales leads is akin to sifting gold from the sand – it’s a crucial process that significantly boosts our sales efficiency and success. In this blog, I’ll walk you through our comprehensive approach to qualify leads, including adding them to our system with tagging, email outreach, and tracking engagement, which helps us distinguish between mere readers and potential clients who visit our website.

How We Qualify Sales Leads Effectively: A Step-by-Step Guide

Get Those Leads Into Popcorn

**Why It’s Important:** 

Incorporating new leads into Popcorn CRM immediately is vital. It ensures that no potential gold nuggets slip through our fingers. Tagging them appropriately makes this process more efficient and personalised.

How we Do It:

Immediate Entry: As soon as we receive a new lead, we enter their details into Popcorn (CRM) system. Delay could mean losing a prospective sale.

Tagging: We assign tags based on the source of the lead, their interests, or industry. For instance, tags like ‘Business Expo’, ‘Networking Meeting’, or ‘Website Enquiry’ can be used. This helps in segmenting our leads for targeted follow-ups.


 Sending Out an Email

**Why It’s Important:** 

An introductory email is your first personal touchpoint. It sets the tone for future interactions and begins the process of building a relationship.

How we Do It:

Personalised Approach:  We use the information and tags from Popcorn to personalise the email. We address them by name and also mention something relevant to their interests or industry.

Clear CTA:  We include a clear Call To Action (CTA). Whether it’s to learn more, book a demo, sign up for a free trial, or book a consultation, we make it easy for them to take the next step.

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 Checking Engagement of Email

**Why It’s Important:** 

Monitoring how leads interact with your email gives you insight into their level of interest and helps in prioritising follow-up.

**How to Do It:**

Open Rates and Clicks:** We utilise the email tracking tools built into Popcorn to see if the lead opened our email, clicked on any links or visited pages on our website. High engagement is a good sign of interest.

Behaviour Analysis:** Look at the time spent on our website and the actions taken. Did they just skim through, or did they spend time reading the content thoroughly?

Establishing Engagement Beyond the Email


**Why It’s Important:** 

Understanding whether a lead merely read your email or went further to visit your website indicates a deeper level of interest and potential for conversion.


**How We Do It:**


Website Tracking Tools:  You can use tools like Google Analytics but we are lucky as Popcorn has tracking built into the software so we can track if a lead visited our website after reading our email. 


Assessing Website Interaction: Because we can analyse their behaviour on our website. We can see  pages that have been  visited? We can also see if they checked out our product information or pricing? This data helps in tailoring our follow-up strategy.




Qualifying leads is not just about gathering data; it’s about interpreting and acting on it wisely. By following these steps, we have ensured that our sales team focuses their efforts on the leads with the highest conversion potential, ultimately driving up our sales efficiency and success.


Remember, every lead is a potential opportunity, but not every opportunity is right for your business. Qualifying leads effectively helps you focus on those that are truly golden. 


– Share your experiences or strategies in the comments below.

– If you’re looking to enhance your lead qualification process, consider our tips and see the difference it can make in your sales strategy.


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If you would like help implementing a follow up process in your business then go here to discover how popcorn CRM can transform your sales process, visit [popcorncrm.co.uk]


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