Help... I'm using complex and costly CRM like HubSpot / Zoho...

Whether you are using or thinking about starting to use complex CRM like HubSpot and Zoho, typically customers who have been in this position, make the decision to move to popcorn for a couple of reasons:


Before I start, I want to say that CRM like HubSpot, Zoho and similar systems are amazing – they allow you to do loads of ‘stuff’ with the multitude of features that they offer. But, if you don’t have the time / team to run it to its full potential, you typically end up spending more time trying to manage the system, let alone benefit from the vast array of features that it offers. You can enter a state of paralysis, where it takes so much time to do anything that you or your team don’t use it, rendering it useless, so you start losing sales.
We recently timed how long it took to find a contact, add a note, reminder and save it to the CRM, and assuming you are a fast typer, it takes only 15 seconds.


The second reason our customers give for choosing popcorn over a CRM like Hubspot, is around how much it actually costs to run one of these complex systems, if we ignore the time staff spent managing it and purely focus on the subscription charges alone. HubSpot offers free 12 month use of every feature and service they offer, but when you come out of this and you are in the habit of using it, the fees can be astronomical for a small business. 

A company that recently moved to us from HubSpot, told us that when they came to the end of their 12 month trial, they were given a quote for over £16k per year, as they needed multiple modules and had to send more than the 1000 email limit per month. Since moving to popcorn, they have saved £13,848 per year.

If this article has helped and you would like to learn more – I have put together a short video, where I have broken down the three different types of systems (Entry, Mid and Complex) and given some pointers to help you make the right decision for your business now. Click HERE to learn more.