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Converting Contacts into Customers

Step 6 - Contacts

The best kept secret to successfully converting contacts into customers is this – keep everything simple. The more complicated you make the processes and systems, the greater the chance that either you or your team will not use it, and when that happens, you miss opportunities and lose sales.

Here are my 5 (and a bit) steps for converting Contacts into Customers, quickly and simply. 

Managing your Customers

Congratulations, you have nurtured a Contact from being an anonymous name in your database, right through to being a loyal Customer… So you can forget about them now, right???

Not at all, it is 60% cheaper to retain a Customer than it is to win a new one, so build yourself a Customer Management Cycle (like your sales pipelines) and then map that into popcorn. So that you can not only retain them as a Customer, but turn them into an advocate and get them referring new business to you. 

To do this ensure that your Customers are always kept up to date with what’s going on in your business, and more importantly, ensure that you tell them stuff that they care about, give them the opportunity to upgrade and move around your products / services, ask them for for referrals and get in touch with them regularly, especially before their renewal date. 

All of this can be mapped and managed using popcorn’s CRM, Sales Pipelines, Email Marketing and Reminders.

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