Comparison of popcorn CRM and SugarCRM

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When deciding which CRM system to use, the first thing to consider is what you need a system for. Concentrating on all the flashy features could bog you down in the long run! This is why we’ve measured popcorn against SugarCRM, to demonstrate the differences between what’s on the market.

Check the table below of key business functions and see how popcorn CRM and SugarCRM compare.

What is the CRM designed for?

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Simple CRM and lead management, designed for small businesses to grow sales – with just the essential tools.

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Free Version – Advanced CRM with an entry level option, allowing high levels of customisation and features upgrades.

popcorn CRM is designed by a small business owner, specifically for small businesses and is designed to be simple, whilst helping your sales take off!

Sugar CRM is at the lower end of advanced CRM systems. That being said, it still focuses on AI and advanced features, which get in the way of doing the job.

Is it simple and easy to use?

Designed from the ground to be simple, you can always get to where you need within one click. Watch how we add a note/reminder in just 10 seconds.

The free version of SugarCRM is simple enough, but reviews suggest that its users end up bouncing around the different modules and apps to complete tasks and find the information that they need. 

Can you have all your prospects in one place?

popcorn displays all your prospects on one page in a simple to use, customisable and highly visual way.

Yes, but most users end up jumping around modules to get the information they need.

Are marketing/lead management tools built into the platform?

The essential tools needed by a typical small business (email marketing, lead generation, sales pipelines, website tracking and call logging) are fully integrated in the platform as standard.

See our packages and popcorn Promise HERE.

SugarCRM is based around 3 main modules (Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, and Customer Service) along with multiple app store bolt-ons for services such as email integration). This makes it complicated and very expensive when you need to apply customisations.

Will it identify hot prospects for me?

popcorn CRM allows you to customise and automatically identify hot prospects, by scoring activity across your CRM and email marketing, and your prospect’s website visits.

SugarCRM has an AI-powered predictions engine based upon the information you enter into your CRM.

What are the key features?

popcorn’s CRM is at the heart of every feature – it’s just one click away from essential features a small business needs to grow. It includes: email marketing, lead generation, sales pipelines, call logging, reminders, and landing pages. You can view these on our Features page.

SugarCRM has 3 main modules: Marketing Automation, Sales Automation and Customer Service, you can then bolt-on apps for services such as email integration, calendars, etc.

Work out the modules you need here.

Is it quick to set up and start using?

popcorn’s users are typically up and getting meaningful results within 15 minutes.

Read our case study here.

This all depends upon the level of customisation required – see a full installation guide HERE.

How much does it cost?

Simple: £9 p/m for our CRM only package – and £49 p/m for our other packages.

Additional users add £5 a month; additional emails (more than the 4,500 standard) and tiered accounts can be bolted on. Read our full pricing details HERE.

SugarCRM starts from £41 from 3 users per month and goes up to £800 per month. Customisation fees may also be required.

Click here to understand a full breakdown of the features and costs.

Am I tied into a contract?

We promise:

– No contracts, setup or hidden fees;
– Up and running in 15 mins;
– Always simple and highly visual tools.

SugarCRM typically ties you into a 12 month contract.

Do I get company profiles?

You can track and target a prospect’s activity across your website.

Similar tools to popcorn, but with more complex features.

Is there free phone support?

Our Nurture package (and above) includes free phone, email and ticketing support.

Upgrade to access an account manager and receive phone support.


If you are a small business that is:

– Growing
Needs a simple CRM that allows you to manage and nurture your prospects in one place
– Can’t yet invest lots of time and money

popcorn could be the CRM for you!

SugarCRM could be a good option for you, if you are growing and have established your sales and marketing team. Just be careful of the hidden costs around bolt-ons, as these can rapidly grow as your needs do!

What our customers say

Everything about popcorn is so simple yet effective. It’s exactly what we need!
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Charlotte Thorp

Communications Specialist, Kinetic Communications