What are the pipeline sales stages, and how to build a small business sales pipeline. 

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Developing the right pipeline sales stages

Pipelines are a simple way to visualise any process you follow, and defining the pipeline sales stages can often be a stumbling block for many small businesses. But it need not be, which is why we have put together a simple and bite sized training course to help you 

We have put together a guide for creating an effective pipeline, that you and your team will love, as you will always know where every single prospect is and never miss an opportunity.


To get started,  you need to define the practical actions you actually do during the process you are wanting to track. In this example I am going to build a prospecting pipeline, which allows you to progress your prospects along their prospecting journey – don’t forget that a prospect does not just move forwards, sometimes they will pause, move backward or even jump multiple steps in the process. When this happens, it’s really important to respond accordingly, as trying to move them to a stage that they are not ready for, will often cause pushback and potentially the loss of an opportunity.

In this example, I am assuming that there is one person managing your sales process. If not, it can be quite easily managed by creating duplicate pipelines for each sales person. But no matter how many of these there are, it will give everyone a really simple process to follow, which will in turn, give you visibility on where every single prospect is and what you need to do next

So, to answer the question ‘What are the pipeline sales stages’, the answer is simple, they are whatever your business needs to progress someone from the start of your prospecting journey right through to the point where they buy and beyond.