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Automation for Email Marketing

What does it mean to use automation for email marketing?

You may be aware of these concepts separately, but when put together, they can be a match made in heaven—and, maybe, just what you need to get better engagement with your emails.

Using automation for email marketing means setting up rules so certain types of emails will be sent out for certain situations. These rely on actions to trigger them—for example, a customer clicking on a ‘Subscribe’ button. Once pressed, your customer will get an email thanking them for their interest—and you didn’t need to lift a finger.

For this, you need a software that can perform that function for you—for example, popcorn. Once you’ve designed the email and then told your software what the trigger action is, the pressure is off you. You can sit back and relax!

Examples of automation for email marketing?

The most obvious example is the one used above: the subscription, and its inverse, the unsubscribe. But there are plenty of other examples too, such as:
  • Forgotten
  • Birthday
  • Order confirmation
  • Subscription to campaign
  • Specialist group offers (for example, student offers)

Benefits of using automation for email marketing?

The biggest benefit of using automation for email marketing is, by far, consistency. Even though you’re not sending the emails yourself, it appears to your customers as if you’re listening to their actions. This is vital when a customer seems to be losing interest. By showing you want to keep them around, it can influence their decision to stay. Of course, the more people remember you, the more likely you can convert these prospects into sales.

As small businesses with plenty to do, the other clear advantage is the reduced amount of effort. If you’re automating emails, you’re not watching like a hawk for any activity and designing emails from scratch. The software doing it for you simply frees up more of your time, and keeps engagement up in the process.

Make the most of it?

Automated or not, it’s important that you stick to the intention of what you’re writing. If you’re wishing a customer a happy birthday, don’t start talking about subscriptions. If you’re sending out an offer, make sure it’s the customer is likely to be interested in. There’s no point sending an email to a 40 year old about the best student deals.

And, of course, all the other rules of email marketing apply. You can read about the best email marketing practices here.

Though automation lifts weight off your shoulders, you shouldn’t forget about it your emails. Treat automated emails like any other—test and measure; monitor the responses you get from your customers and adjust when you need to.

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How popcorn uses automation for email marketing

As popcorn is meant to make your CRM experience simple, it’s only natural that it enables automation for email marketing too.

As mentioned above, in popcorn you can design emails and set up rules. popcorn has an easy-to-use drag and drop editor that allows you to see the email you’re sculpting as you’re working on it, plus a spam checker so you can be sure your emails will land in the right inbox.

This can be for individuals—for example, a birthday—or for entire campaigns that you’ve already made in the software. The emails, too, aren’t just one-time affairs, as you can schedule these as well.

Plus, if you’re wanting to test and measure your campaigns, popcorn provides a wealth of information and visualises it for you. From your open rate to unsubscribes, you’ll have all the data you need to fine-tune your email marketing and deliver those sales.

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