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Simon Washbrook

Choosing the Best CRM for Your Business

Choosing the best CRM for your business can be hard, as there are many systems out there. So how do you make the right decision?

In this 4 minute video, I have broken down the three different types of system and given some pointers as to which might be right for you.

(This video is taken from a free training course we developed during the lockdown, and teaches you how to build a qualified sales pipeline using CRM and Email Marketing – Click HERE to watch the series).

Before I go into explaining the different types of system, I thought it would help to say that you should be thinking about choosing a CRM that is right for you now, not in 5 years time. The reason for this, is you often need something to get you to that point in the future, whereas if you try to take on the all singing, all dancing software now, it may prevent you from getting there.

So, here is my simple guide to choosing which CRM is right for you now.

The Best CRM for Your Business: Start Ups and Small Businesses

Entry Software

Entry level software like MailChimp, Trello, ClickFunnels and Spreadsheets are brilliant bits of software, and work perfectly if you are a start-up or have plenty of time on your hands. The downside is that your data is spread across multiple platforms and the costs, time spent managing them and upgrading restrictions can become prohibitive as your business grows.

The Best CRM for Your Business: Medium and Growing Businesses

Mid-Level Software

Mid-Level software is perfect for companies that are growing, but don’t have the time or disposable cash for either the Entry of Complex software. Typically these types of software have all the essential tools in one place that an average SME needs to grow business, but they are simple to use, cost effective and will save you loads of extra time. An additional benefit of using this type of software is that it joins up all your data, and will typically automate your work flows and sales prospecting.
popcorn is a really simple to use Mid-level customer conversion software that includes, CRM, Sales Pipelines, Email Marketing, Website tracking, Task management and Landing pages – Click HERE to book a demo.

The Best CRM for Your Business: Bigger Businesses and Corporations

Complex Software

Companies that use this type of CRM (HubSpot, Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics) are usually larger established businesses, with dedicated staff to manage the systems properly. They are brilliant at delivering complex reporting and can usually do 101 things, ranging from advanced CRM, though to blog management and chatbots.
They can also be very costly and you may end up paying for services you don’t need. Systems like HubSpot, offer free trials then hit you with large fees, once you are used to them and out of the trial period. If you think this type of CRM is right for you, just be careful to ensure you have the budget to customise it properly and the time to manage it on an ongoing basis or it will become a burden to your business.
Hopefully this has helped you to understand which CRM is right for your business now, but just in case you are thinking of not using one here is a really interesting fact – established SME’s that don’t use a CRM typically lose £72k every year in lost sales and missed opportunities. Scary eh?!

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