Comparisons: vs popcorn CRM: An Honest Comparison

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Is there an unbiased comparison of and popcorn CRM on the internet? 

A client who recently reached out to me doesn’t think so, he stated in an email:

‘ seems like a great tool, but so does popcorn CRM. I’ve been unable to find a comparison anywhere online, just finding views from users who either love or hate both products.

It would be great if you could provide me with an honest comparison of the two systems, so that I can make an informed decision.’

This article is my efforts to provide you with and objective source of information about the two platforms.

The approach is simple. I list the advantages and disadvantages of and popcorn CRM… Then I’ll back off so you can make up your own opinion


What is (A taken description from their website)

With Work OS teams can create any workflow to manage anything they need. Marketing, CRM, HR, Software development, Construction, Video Production and so much more. Customizable Dashboards. Collaborate Online. Teams of All Sizes. Highly Secure. – Visit the website here

Pro’s of

  • A powerful and simple to use Project Management tool 
  • Loads of automation
  •  Designed for Small Businesses
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What is popcorn CRM?

Popcorn is a really simple CRM system that has been designed specifically for small business.

With No bells, no whistles – popcorn gives you the essential tools a small business needs to track, manage and convert more prospects, faster – so your sales simply take off!

Pro’s of popcorn CRM

Key takeaways and popcorn CRM are two very different tools, designed for different purposes.

If you want the way to track and manage projects is probably a great option for you. Although, if you are looking to manage, nurture and convert all your prospects, popcorn CRM is probably the way to go.


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What our customers say

‘popcorn gives me sanity – it helps me to plan all my sales activity and is my safety net!’
black and white photo of aim internet sales director sarah whitticase how popcorn shaved 2.5 hours off aim internet's sales planning

Sarah Whitticase

Sales director, Aim Internet