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How Air Sourcing joined up their prospecting and customer communication

About Air Sourcing

Air Sourcing is the UK’s leading equity release advisory service, supporting IFAs and leading financial providers across the UK.

What our customers say

... since using popcorn, we have increased sales by 374% and our conversion rates by 200% ... this is down to the simplicity and intelligence of popcorn. 

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Danielle Wilson

Marketing Manager, Air Sourcing 

The Problem

Prior to starting with popcorn, Danielle from Air Sourcing was struggling with using multiple entry level software products, meaning that data was spread all over the place. Due to this they were struggling with customer communication and were missing sales opportunities.

The Solution​

Over the past 5 years Danielle brought all their data together into popcorn to quickly and easily manage the company’s customer communication with their 6000+ customers. Since bringing everything together into one place, she is able to easily segment and send targeted updates and valuable customer insights to their supplier network that was professional and brand consistent.

Since using popcorn’s measurable data, she’s managed to increase her business levels – from 1,750 to 6,386 cases.

They have also more than ‘doubled the number of completions in the last 5 years and attest a huge amount of that to the simplicity and intelligence of the popcorn system.’


Increase in sales


Increase in prospect conversions

We owe a lot to popcorn, as the system has far excelled our initial beliefs…

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