How popcorn slashed TEUR Pro's Customer Service Responses Times by 75%

About TEUR Pro

TEUR PRO represents one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Testing Equipment for Construction Materials globally.

What our customers say

popcorn’s simplicity has made their business more efficient and their team love using it

Mark Sedgley

Managing Director, TEUR Pro

What was there system/ what did it look like before

  • The company was using disjointed software to manage their Sales and Marketing
  • Spreadsheets – for logging prospect contact details
  • Outlook – for communicating individually with their prospects.
    Telephone – for ad-hoc conversations that were not logged for future team reference.
  • MailChimp – for occasional Email Marketing.
  • Website Visits -which were logged in some of the system but not available to all

They had tried to use a few CRM’s, such as HubSpot, in the past, but had always found them to be too over-featured and clunky, meaning that the team always gave up using them and resorted to their old process.

Problem - Why was it not working?

The Marketing team were getting bogged down in administrative tasks to respond to customer

  • Whenever information was required, the team would have to hunt around for the most up
    to date information via the different sources and then cross check with the other
    members of the team.
  • Sales and Service enquiries were taking 4-5 days to be responded to.
  • Since the Marketing team were constantly having to be reactive, they were unable to
    focus their time and skills onto proactive Marketing activities.

This was damaging sales, so Mark was looking to recruit an additional 2 members of the
marketing team to allow them to become proactive with both marketing and Customer service.

Solution - How popcorn fixed it.

By using popcorn CRM to join up all their customer communication data in one simple to use and visual place, the whole team are now able to easily see everything that is going on.

  • In one click they can see a chronological timeline of everyone’s notes, Email Marketing activity, Reminders and what pages their contacts have been looking at on their website.
  • Popcorn then automatically scores all this activity to flag up the priority connects, so they always know who they need to call first.
  • Popcorn’s Reminders and Sales Pipelines allows them to always see where every single one of their customers and prospects are in one glance and ensure that everyone knows when calls and tasks are due.
  • By joining up the CRM and Email Marketing activity, they are now able to send communications out to individuals, targeted groups or their whole database in just a few clicks.

Outcomes: benefits to TEUR PRO

In essence, since the implementation of popcorn, the marketing team now have the time to be Marketeers, not just Administrators.

  • Mark no longer needs to recruit the 2 additional members he thought he needed in the marketing team, saving that recruitment and ongoing cost.
  • The Customer Service response time has reduced by 66%, down to 1 day.
  • The systemisation of their pipeline means that the sales and marketing processes are running smoothly and productively.
  • Mark can now immediately monitor the status of prospects and client queries by his team.
  • The inbound communication experience from prospects and customers is growing their reputation.
  • Overall, popcorn’s simplicity has made their business more efficient and their team love using it – in fact they joke that if the MD can use it, anyone can!


Reduction in Customer Service Response Time

16 Hours

Saved every single day by the Marketing team

…all our different leads from our marketing activities are now joined up, giving our team visibility. 

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