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Simon Washbrook

The Importance Of Customer Experience And Being “Contactable” To Clients

Customer Experience is one of the top 5 concerns for directors of successful companies who want to thrive in today’s digital economy – hand in hand with Retaining, Growing and Winning New Clients. You only have to look at successful companies like First Direct, John Lewis, Amazon, Ocado that form the top 5 customer service winners to realise they invest in their ability to be available to customers and not to miss “revenue opportunities or delight existing and win over potential customers”

As smaller business’s we may not be the size, or have their budget. However, we do have agility on our side, opportunity to collaborate with our peer group and low cost or even free technology to help us be more responsive and compete better. No matter what business or profession you are in, “selling” your solutions and “Servicing” your customers efficiently is vital in order to prevent those contacting you to go elsewhere. Think “Millennials” – these are the “decision makers” in today’s business world and have high expectations and less loyalty to suppliers.

So you’ve made a big investment in your website, branding, SEO, adverts, social media, blogging, sending email shots or snail mail letters & brochures, networking, exhibitions, telesales and meeting potential clients all in order to generate sales lead opportunities. So every sales lead is precious. Just look at the reality 98% of your website visitors will just “look and go” as part of their buying process and email conversions may be quite low too. But, I wonder how often your Call To Action results in a phone call, text, email, fax, or web enquiry that has an unacceptable delayed response because you or your staff “aren’t available” to respond appropriately! And likewise, an existing customer who needs help but is left waiting for an acknowledgement or response, perhaps in dire need for assistance and judges you and your business based on this. We all know bad news travels faster than good news about service – potentially costing you their next piece of business and 5 of their friends.
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Statistics showed that in 2014/15 UK Customer Complaints doubled to 66m complaints over the previous year about companies through the consumer watchdogs. Small business’, however, do have the advantage of being “agile” and access to some pretty nifty communication tools and practices them selves to allow them to compete. Cheaper, Faster and Better. The caveat to this is that company directors need to drive both the small investment needed, but more importantly, reviewing ways of doing business. According to business Guru’s, like Gartner and IDC the world over, seem to suggest that if companies aren’t “engaged and Responsive” in this way it is unlikely that they will not survive beyond 2020. 

See how other companies like yours use Unified Communication solutions to grow their business in line with their business strategy. And stay engaged and contactable with Customers, Roaming Sales and Technical staff, Management and the Office, Suppliers and Partners. If you would like to supplement your knowledge or seek advice on how available technology can help your business, call us here, at popcorn, on 0330 6600464. We can help! And download our FREE Executive Briefing that gives more details on what’s happening in business today and solutions that can help.

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