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Converting Contacts into Customers


The best kept secret to successfully converting contacts into customers is this – keep everything simple. The more complicated you make the processes and systems, the greater the chance that either you or your team will not use it, and when that happens, you miss opportunities and lose sales.

Here are my 5 (and a bit) steps for converting Contacts into Customers, quickly and simply. 

Managing Your Contacts

Ensure that you keep all your Contacts in one place, so that you always know where to go to find a phone number, add a tag / note after a meeting, or set a quick reminder to give them a follow up when they pop up in your daily task list 6 months later.

All of this should be really easy to do, including having a clear timeline, so that you can quickly see exactly what you need to speak to someone about at a glance. 

Another great tip for managing your Contacts is to recreate your sales process in visual sales pipelines. That way you can always see exactly how many people are in each stage of your process. You could also look to add a pipeline for each month of the year, then along with the reminder, you can drag a Contact into the month they need following up in, it then becomes easier to give sales a push when you need to.

popcorn’s CRM has smart tracking tools built in, creating completely unique finger prints (more than an IP address) for each Contact, so that you can track them from your Email, right through to if they pop back onto your website up to 3 months later. 

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