How popcorn helped JLP Payroll Services achieve a 6% sales conversion rate

About JLP Payroll Services

JLP Payroll Services save companies time and money by providing an affordable, efficient custom-made payroll service for companies of all types and sizes, on a national basis, they are also experienced at providing a white label service to Accountants and their clients. The team consists of 8 staff, 3 of which utilise popcorn and are involved in the sales process.

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What our customers say

We would not have achieved the results we have seen without utilising popcorn, it has been the best thing we could have ever imagined and more. The simplicity, insight and control it gives us is absolutely invaluable. It’s not rocket science - it just works!

Julie Lawler

Managing Director, JLP Payroll Services

The Problem: No Visbility = Low Sales Conversion Rate

As a growing company, JLP Payroll were finding the balance between sales, marketing and the day-to-day running of a small business very demanding. Their sales and marketing process was spread over multiple platforms/sources and people – meaning it was inconsistent, time-consuming, and did not provide the prospecting insight to establish a solid marketing follow up strategy. Nor did it give them the sales visibility that they needed to be able to grow.

JLP Payroll had previously looked at using some of the more established CRM systems, but they found that they were much too complicated for what they needed. Plus, they saw the costs rapidly escalated once you moved out of the free trials – it made popcorn’s simple pricing a ‘no brainer’.

The Solution: A Defined Sales Process

With the help of popcorn, JLP were able to implement a defined sales process and marketing strategy.

This starts with a member of the admin team researching target companies, identifying basic needs and interests and adding them to the CRM in popcorn. Within the CRM, they add additional notes and follow up dates to each prospect. Once this has been done, the contacts are then added to a customised sales pipeline that mirrors their sales process.

Meanwhile, the business development manager uses popcorn’s CRM to tag the contacts in each pipeline, which is based upon industry type, to efficiently and easily send targeted email marketing to multiple prospects in one hit. This is where popcorn’s lead generation tools identify and score each contact based upon email and website activity – allowing hot prospects to be added to the relevant stages of the sales pipelines and followed up quickly to maintain the sales momentum. Having such a simple process in place means that JLP Payroll are now able to deliver weekly marketing campaigns, promoting more enquiries and hot prospects.

At this stage the business owner (Julie) is able to use popcorn to see all the prospecting, contact details and sales activity in one place. Now she knows who to follow up with and understand how to approach the prospect intelligently.

This then goes full circle, as it prevents duplication of work for everyone, as contacts can be easily updated with any communication from social media, phone calls, etc. in a matter of seconds, so that Julie is always responding to the most recent information. This collective process saves her lots of time and increases her sales conversion rates.

Since using popcorn, JLP Payroll have:

Recruited 1 new member of the team and with another coming shortly

•  Save 14 hours every campaign on following up on prospects

•  A typical JLP Payroll campaign has a 6% sales conversion rate from email to meeting

•  System was successfully set up and the team were confidently using popcorn in just 2 hours


A metric for JLP Payroll’s new ROI with popcorn will be incoming!

Next Steps: Improved Sales Conversion Rate

In the coming months, JLP Payroll are looking to start using the automation tools to identify and manage their contacts along sales pipelines, so they can start spotting hot prospects faster and improve their sales conversion rate even more. They are also looking to start taking advantage of the multi-user tools, allowing them to easily manage access rights and streamline the sales process further.


Sales conversion rate from email to meeting

14 Hours

Saved every single campaign

popcorn’s simple pricing is a no brainer!

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