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Customer Retention PRM: Fill Up Your CARTS

PRM Customer Retention – Using Your CRM

Part of our PRM NOW series

Securing customers can take time and effort, which we cover in our PRM NOW Guide. But what does it take to keep them coming back? What should you use to keep them in sight, and how will you know if they’re still enthusiastic about the decision they’ve made to buy from you?

All of these answers are in your CRM. But what it requires is a commitment to your customers—who they are and what they need—and a continued acknowledgement of their presence. If you don’t, it might cost you a pretty penny!

Fill up your CARTS

In order to show your customers you care, you have to show up, and keep showing up. This is a sustained effort, but it doesn’t have to eat into your day. To regulate the content you send out, you should use everything your CRM offers. We call this your CARTS: your Campaigns, your Automation, your Reminders, and your Tagging and tracking, and your Sales pipelines.


Your CRM has all the information you need. What did that customer respond well to? What sort of things will they be interested in? Don’t forget them; add them to campaigns that you know will interest them and keep them updated long past the selling point. How they respond will inform how close they are to buying again, or if they might be thinking of leaving.

What you send is also important. They might be interested in community knowledge, tips and tricks or upgrades on their service or product. Keep the ratio at 6:1 on info to sales—no one likes to bombarded with selling.

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The automation built into your software should work alongside your tracking to monitor what the customer is interacting with. An increase in engagement might mean:

  1. They are looking for more products/services or looking to upgrade
  2. They are looking to move away and are checking terms and conditions
  3. They require support

If these are happening, you need to get on that, and fast. You can set up an automatic response: for example, if they’re looking at the support page, you can send them a customer service email or get in contact more directly. If they’re looking to upgrade, you can move them in a campaign dedicated for upgrades and offers. If they’re looking to move away, you should absolutely give them a call. Direct message is the best way to go—and automation can handle this for you.


You can also set up an automation rule to set reminders. If you’ve got plenty of other things to do, setting these to follow up on the situations above, and on other opportunities in general, will ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Remember, this is all about making existing customers feel appreciated, and you can only ensure that through consistency.


Adding and changing tags as the relationship with your customer develops is another way to keep your company on top of things. Having a historical record of where the customer has been going will improve your ability to fine-tune your conversations with them, and help inform which campaigns they should be part of.

Sales Pipelines

Your sales pipelines help you to visualise which stage your leads are at in the customer buying cycle. When they’ve already bought from you, you can keep these separate in their own pipelines, and progress these through different campaigns and sales processes. None of your contacts are too far away from you.

How can popcorn help you with your customer retention PRM?


+ Nurturing


The lead nurturing side of popcorn expands upon the CRM package, giving you the ability to track and automate prospect engagement, identify the hot prospects and nurture them through your sales process.

The CRM package gives businesses the control to visually manage their data in one place, quickly see prospect conversations, and progress them through a simple and customisable sales process.

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Customer Retention PRM: Fill Up Your CARTS
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